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I like using a garden golf net at home as it keeps the family happy

I like using a garden golf net at home as it keeps the family happy mainly because I don’t go out after work and I don’t have to go to the driving range; on the days off with my friends I can spend it at home and still play golf with the family too if I want. It’s actually really good because it also means I can teach my kids how to play golf and I can also practice when it feels right. So having a golf garden net, is absolutely is a golden piece of equipment and I can also invite my friends around if I want to as well. There’s so many advantages to having the golf garden at home it’s unbelievable.

Garden Golf

Garden Golf

Buying garden golf golf does not to be expensive either, after you’ve been to the driving range at a few times it has already paid for itself. A golf garden net costs from 20 quid all the way up to 500 quid but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money then you can stick around the twenty quid Mark and we still have a piece of equipment you can use and practice your golf game in the back garden.

What could be better than a garden golf net at home?

With the above mentioned it makes absolute sense to get a garden golf net even with a little garden you can still buy yourself a little chipping set rather than a big garden golf net for driving. Funnily enough, using a little chipping setting about garden might actually be more useful than using the full long net because the little chip sets are really useful when you can practice with a little green and workout different little angles and strategies; that’s perfect for a little garden.

Garden Golf Net - Carry Bag Included

Garden Golf Net – Carry Bag Included

If If you got a lot of friends and having a little Chip inside me that you can all have a little go in the back garden and perhaps for a little wager on who can make the best chips and parts in the back garden. Personally I really like a little chipping set as it’s perfectly usable in the back garden and my kids also enjoy playing with me too. It also means that the wife is extremely happy because I’m spending a bit of time with the kids and I’m also getting a bit of golf done too; from all those perspectives its actually one of the best things you can possibly do and I actually can’t stress enough how pleased I am that I bought my garden golf chipping net from I went with the PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag Because they’re different height and holes so I can practice all different types of games and it mend my kids could also get involved to.

Golf Chipping Net by Longridge

Golf Chipping Net by Longridge

Best garden golf net: PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag

As I mentioned above I bought the PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag mainly due to it looking cool :). Ok that wasn’t the only reason, it also looked extremely sturdy and strong which is useful because I hate buying cheap stuff that doesn’t last very long. If you can get some things for the garden and especially if it’s golf equipment, then you need to make sure that it’s going to last and be high quality. It also comes with an artificial turf mat which is what I was going on about with the chipping, it means you can do a small practice as well as having a hard swing. Having a bit of artificial turf is actually really useful because if you’re not in a position that you can mow the lawn all the time, this will just go directly on top and you’ll still be putting on an even surface. You can also setup a situation where it could be uneven sections for you, so you can play around different levels.
The other thing with the PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag Is the fact that it comes with the Really Useful DVD that shows you how to do a nice little bit of chipping and how to set this equipment up. It’s a really nice touch because otherwise you’d have to sort this all like yourself and have a long read of a manual to solve the problem, instead you just sit back and watch and learn at the same time.

Garden Golf

Garden Golf

But actually the most important part of this net for me was the fact that it’s got a target sheet so that you can play up and down and you’ve got all different angles and different heights to park and to chip at.

Getting a garden golf net is absolutely ideal because it’s going to keep the family happy and it’s also going to make sure that you can still do a bit of practice playing golf and keep yourself in touch for when you go and see your friends down the driving range. They will he struggling to understand how you kept your game so good, seeing you as have not been down the driving range for so long. From this perspective; that’s why I really like having a garden golf net at home and I’m certain that you can benefit from one too!


Golf Carry Bags

For one thing, more than any other golf bag manufacturer, Golf king UKhas found a way to incorporate dozens of design features into ultra-light bags. Ever since the company was the first to attach stand legs to a carry bag in the 1980s, Golf king UKhas sought to make bags suitable for walking and riding golfers alike.

For 2011, the intrepid engineers at Golf king UK have created bags with dual functionality by adding cart friendly features onto their line of super light carry bags.

The Golf king UK Superlight line of golf bags (Superlight 6.5, Superlight SLX, H2NO, Four 5 and the Zero-G) will include a cart friendly bottom designed with a new shape and a retooled foot mechanism that allows the bag to stand straight in a golf cart bag, rather than be positioned sideways.

Another popular bag feature continues to be Golf king UKn’s patented top with a built-in handle that provides a convenient spot to grab when picking the bag up and removing the bag from the shoulder.

Golf Carry Bags

Golf Carry Bags

New for 2019, the bag top now has three handles, making it easier to use both hands to lift the bag on and off of a cart. Another new cart friendly feature is the leg-lock strap to secure the golf bag legs while the bag is on the cart. An additional cart friendly feature, specific to the Super light 3.5, is a “tunnel” for the cart strap that passes through to protect the contents of the pocket from being squashed and to allow all pockets to be accessible when the bag is on the cart.

On top of these new cart friendly features, technical advancements on the entire Superlight line include: top-mounted stand attachment for increased durability and stability, patented Roller Bottom and recessed Y-Spring activator for faster leg action and tight-to-the-bag retraction, triangular non-slip foot pads that resist sinking into grass and sliding on slick surfaces, and a full complement of pockets that includes a full-length clothing pocket, velour-lined valuable pouch, water bottle pouch, and ball and accessory pockets.

Golf king UK Super light 6.5 SLX: The verdict

We tested the new cart friendly 2011 Super light 6.5 SLX (£160) as a carry bag, motorised cart bag and pull-cart bag and found it to deliver on all of its technological promises. The dual straps have been bolstered with increased padding. The new bottom design keeps it from tilting while strapped into a motorised cart and seems to stop or greatly reduce irritating twisting on pull carts.

Golf carry bags

Golf carry bags

The styling is excellent and there are numerous colour combinations (we got the red-on-black style with reflective detailing around the pockets) that should appeal to golfers of all ages, especially those flat bellies who can so maddeningly reach all the par 5s in two.

The pockets are copious and spacious, providing a place for everything. The only real knock is that the water-bottle pocket is not insulated. For golfers used to full-length individual club dividers, the four-way top might take some getting used to, but it’s actually nice to have a little extra room to stick in either extra clubs for testing or a ball retriever (for us who sometimes fail to clear the hazards).

Garden Sport

Golf clubs for driving in the garden

Now the mainstay of Tour Edge’s designs, Exotics’ drivers consistently score as well or better than all but a few of the big-name and big-price companies’ drivers. The new Exotics XCG 4 driver is no exception and this is a great club to use in conjunction with a garden gold net.

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The ultra light-weight carbon frees up 27 grams of weight that are strategically positioned in the lower rear of the club head to improve MOI by more than 15 percent over previous versions. The result is longer tee shots that hold the target line even on off-centre contact.

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Also key to the XCG 4’s performance is that it’s extremely light weight. It comes in two versions, a 310-gram, ultra-light version and a 276-gram, super-light version. The super-light version features a 45-gram, ultra-light, Graphite Design Tour Ad 46-inch shaft and a 26-gram WinnLite grip. The standard, ultra-light version weighs 310 grams and comes with a Fujikura Motore 55-gram, 45.5-inch-long shaft and a Golf Pride New Decade grip.

Both clubs have a suggested retail price of £329.

How the Tour Edge XCG 4 Driver performs

I took the 276-gram, super-light XCG 4 out for my first round of the season to really put it to the test. After not swinging a club for five months, I figured that if I could even find any of my tee shots, it would be a major coup for the XCG 4, you can also use it at home in the garden!

Instead, the XCG 4 delivered one long, high drive down the middle of the fairway after another. In fact, after 14 drives without one slice or one hook, including driving the ball pin-high on the 300-yard seventh hole at my home course, I think I heard my old driver weeping softly in the back seat of my car.

It could sense that it’s time in my bag might be severely limited if the XCG 4 keeps performing this way. It’s the best Tour Edge driver I’ve ever tested, and I’ve been reviewing Tour Edge drivers for a decade now.

I must admit that both the super light weight of the XCG 4 and the longer-than-average length worried me before I played with it. Lighter clubs are hard to feel for players like me who swing fast and sometimes become “disconnected” on the backswing. But, as I say, this impressive big stick handled even my rusty, early-season swing, delivering one long, high, straight drive after another and practising at home in the garden won’t leave you daunted.

Which is great, if you like that sort of thing.